Our Adoption Journey

We adopted three beautiful children from Florencia, Colombia in June 2007.

Home Study Paid! September 12, 2009

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Whew! Sent a BIG check to the Home Study agency today. We still lack some things that they will need to have completed before we will get a draft of the study. They won’t just accept the medical letters from our doctors, but they want us to actually have blood tests and TB tests. Ben went to the doctor today and will get his letter on Monday or Tuesday for the dossier. But, now we have to go to the Health Dpt for the blood work. The only other thing we need is our FBI clearance.

What’s in store for next week? Call Health Dpt on Monday to determine what we need to do for blood work (AIDS, TB, and one other test). Get fingerprinted on Tuesday or Wednesday then send those off to the FBI immediately. Thursday, we have our appt. with the Psychologist.

The excitement is building! We have brought the other bed down from the attic and set up in Tatiana’s room. I know, we still have a long way off but it helps make it more real and reminds me that my daughter is somewhere right now in Colombia and she needs my prayers, our prayers!

On a sad note, yesterday we learned of an adoption that was closed. We had joined with a family in our church to stand in prayer with them as they sought to adopt “Janet” from Liberia. Unfortunately, the adoption agency said that the doors are closed at this time. It has has been almost two years since they have pursued her. If you think about it, even if you’ve never met someone, but have invested prayer into someone for so long, you can become attached. I’m attached and I’m not the one pursuing her for my own, and now I’m sad. I cannot imagine how the family feels. It makes my heart so sad. Someone from the adoption agency had Janet write a letter to the family and then even call their house and left a message on their phone. That’s what they have… they’ve seen her writing, and heard her voice and those sweet beautiful words… “I love you.” What’s even more sad, is that Janet is somewhere in Liberia hoping to come home, and will they tell her? Will they tell her the government has made it impossible? Or will she feel abandoned–again?? Please pray for Janet and the Fleming family.


Dossier Prep Check! September 8, 2009

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Waiting for our Sister...

I like the list in our Adoption Agency book that lists each document we need for our dossier. I can look at it and see how much more we have to gather. As I look at it tonight, multitasking, listening to the LAST module of the Heart of the Matters Parenting Seminars, I get excited! We have got a lot of our paperwork together and now wait for our home study! We have to have the home study before we can file for the I-800. At that point, we will get an appt for the FBI.

Tonight, I ordered photos to begin putting our picture pages together! I can’t wait to begin putting those together…another excuse to scrapbook! We also have got several of our documentation together to get notarized tomorrow! We meet with Danita, our SW, hopefully, tomorrow evening! We have our appt. with the psychologist next week. So, we are rolling!

This week, I need to find our Tax papers (we’re not so great with organization), and Ben needs to make a med appt, and we need to order certified copies of the children’s Citizenship Certificates. (I don’t want to give away their originals.) And then, we just wait for the recommendation letters, and the Home Study!!! After that, just a few more things to collect! We hope to have our dossier turned in before December! My birthday is Nov. 14. That would be a great birthday present! Well, will keep you informed! Thanks for following along!


ICBF Wait Times September 1, 2009

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The most recent Wait List was published by ICBF on August 27, 2009. The ICBF Wait List applies to adoptions through ICBF only — not through CASAS PRIVADAS. It also ONLY APPLIES TO NON COLOMBIAN FAMILIES. It DOES NOT reflect special needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more. There also has been movement in many categories, all dates that have advanced are in BOLD and RED. Also, this list only reflects that there are no more dossiers at the national office prior to the date shown. Dossiers from before Jan 2006 in the 0-23 months category, for example, may still need a referral, but they have already been sent to a region and are no longer at the national office.


Age of Child ——- Date of Application Approval by ICBF
Child 0-12 months —— Feb -2006
Child 13 – 23 months —- Feb-2006
Child 2 years ———– June-2005
Child 3 years ———– Oct-2005
Child 2 – 3 years ——– Apr -2006
Child 3 – 4 years ——– Jul-2005
Child 4 years ———– Aug-2005
Child 5 years ———– May-2006
Child 4 -5 years ——– Apr-2006
Child 5 – 6 years ——- May-2007
Child 6 years ———– Nov-2008
Child 7 years ———– Apr-2009
2 Siblings 0 – 4 years — Mar-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 5 years — Jul-2006
2 Siblings 0 – 6 years — Aug-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 7 years — Nov-2008
2 Siblings 0 – 8 years — Oct-2008

Thanks to Colombian Mommy at http://raisingcolombiankids.blogspot.com/ .


The Paper Chase Begins July 25, 2009

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This weekend, I will be filling out various forms for the initial paperwork. We intend on sending off our adoption agreement this coming week! We also have contacted the SW to begin a Home Study Update. We thought we were gonna get to save some money. However, it will cost us about $1,200 + $920 for post placement reports which must all be turned in before we get the final draft of the Home Study. Yikes! We would like to get our Home Study completed as soon as possible so that we can get a head start in applying for various grants to help offset the costs.


We also have an appointment with the Psychologist in September for an update. Working on getting our references, pulling out extra birth certs, marriage licenses, and more to begin compiling the dossier docs! Yea! I have set a personal goal of trying to complete the dossier by December. Please pray that it all comes together. Thanks!


Hello world! November 25, 2007

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Sons & Daughters of the Royal Family November 24, 2007

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Tonight, we enjoyed the company of our friends, Kelly & Katherina and Baby Princesa Miriam. Our friends are preparing to team up with Mercy Ship Ministries in January as a family. Katherina was also, very helpful in interpreting when we first came home with the children. She is awesome! I am saddened she will be leaving, but excited, too, about the adventure God has in store for their family!


i am thankful for… November 22, 2007

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before we ate the children each said things they were grateful for.

Grand-Papi’s Horses
Toy box

Cuarta (Bedroom)
Painting in room by G-Mami
Princesa clothing

Papi’s Truck

After the children, Ben and I verbalized things we were so very thankful for, we prayed. Andrew wanted to pray specifically for Isaac Diego, a baby being adopted in Colombia right now by some friends from New York. We prayed for “mucho muscles” and then we prayed for the parents. It was precious, and we are believing this is one more thing we will be able to praise God and give thanks for the blessings he will bestow on this family. Then, we enjoyed some yummy turkey and dressing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, rolls, and “Coca-Cola” for everyone! (The kids RARELY get Coke to drink! It was a real treat for them!) We even ate on the China! It was a good day! We are very thankful for the three Colombian treasures we have this year, all the people we’ve met along the journey, especially my Yahoo girls, and the faithfulness of God. God is good when we are not…is it possible to list all the things He has blessed you with? I think it is impossible…we are blessed beyond what we can even imagine; God is good…My Daddy’s King of the Universe! I am so thankful to be grafted into the family of God!